Friday, July 31, 2009

i missed July 31

got played by my friends...

i fell asleep at 5:30pm on thrusday(30July)
when i woke up at 11:45pm(30July)
they told me ive slept passed 31 July!!
means its 11:45pm(31July)!!
i was like shocked cuz they acted so well!!
and they changed the dates in the room!!
Macbook's, cellphone's...everything!!

they told me they tried to wake me up by kicking me
(im quite hard to wake up)
but i didnt move abit
then they call the school nurse
when she came
she felt my forehead if i had fever and im okay so she left
then my friends are like so worried if im sleep dead
but then i moved(shivered?haha) so they all went to class
when they came back im still asleep
so i sleep till 11:45pm(31July)

i cant believe i actually believe in them...
(well...ive slept more than that before...XDD)
i didnt believe at first cuz last time i slept more than this is cuz i played too much online game and didnt slept for days(??)
but then when i sleep after this,
i did woke up to drink n pee(lol)
and i think im not so tired to be able to sleep so much
but then i still believed in them

hey guys!
go get oscars or something...LOL
they did this without a script...
only a sentence :"when she wakes up, pretend its already 31July~"
thats it...
no more jokes...=="
im still living in the (ive missed 31July) world...
cant change back my brain yet
got into it too much

so when is it now?

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LaZyJaN said...

hey yo~din mention my name pun~><
im d oscar winner ler~