Wednesday, December 23, 2009

when Givenchy meets snowflakes

and I thought its a famous brand...
its like no one knows whats Givenchy
what a shame

crazy about the smell
whats up with that?
and someone says its like the smell of an old lady

showing off in class & msn
enough already~
im flattered
thank you very much=="
dont accidently pissed her
so becareful while messing with other Givenchy
Coach isnt as nice as you think



second time?
i'll think about it~
be sure its very filthy!XD


some title to start in english?
"Economic Crisis"
ended up in chinese...
i mean
the only english word is d title!XDD

MsJeong the english teacher is here to save the day!XDD
(this is humiliating==)
at last someone that doesnt care if he's taught by someone younger~
so happy^^
*evil grin*


you cant control whats coming
or whats happening
or controls it from controlling you
all you have & can do is just

wait and see
what else?


Altis said...

what the fucking title!!!!!!!

Altis said...

Are you joking~ i am so excellent in your outfit.arry an European style.!!

givenchy~a nice brand(look like~)

it really smells good!

Coach isnt as nice as you think
HAHA i laughs~ you are so right!

Economic Crisis--i feel so sad and cannt control myself to type Chinese language!

[Jakester] said...

european style for short guys~XD
dont kill me><"

Coach is the cheapest brand of all famous brand..
its like she's trying to push herself in 'The List'

just practise english speaking with me duh!XD