Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm having really weird dreams these days.

on Wednesday night,
I had a dream of ghosts wanting to kill my mum if I don't give them money
I've forgot a lot of scenes so i rather not mention that dream..

then just now
(I just woke up)
I had a dream about being pregnant
OMG ewwwww.........
its like those dreams where people dream about when they got married and had sex and are waiting for babies

there are people i know in real life in the dream so i'll just type out their names.
i kinda forgotten the front part so
this is how it goes..

i was a some place with a short black girl and some random people behind us
then somebody said they wanted to have lunch
so we found motorbikes beside the road to help us get there(somewhere..)
i found a 3-seat motorbike(lol?)
was trying really hard to set it straight but didn't manage to because its just too heavy
and suddenly Haow came out of nowhere and helped me with the bike
he ordered the girl to ride with him
so it turns out its his girlfriend(i dont remember his girlfriend being short and definately not BLACK)
we were about to set off then a middle-age men in stripe shirt came to us and ask for the nearest hospital
i pointed at the tall building far away

then my dream skipped---

me and my younger brother were following my dad to a toy shop
walking around blah blah blah
play with toys blah blah blah
me and my dad came out of the toy shop and left my brother inside(i think,can't remember)
he took me outside and it turns out its just a toy shop underneath the hospital that i pointed to a man before
we walked into a dark alley and found a crooked metal stairs
climb up and

my dream skipped again---

we walked into a big dark room with 3 beds placed in the middle and a spot light on top of each of them
somehow my brother was beside me
then a tall weirdly-dressed man came up to him
and said:" Do you want to see some martial arts?" (what?==)
he took my brother to the middle of the room and they started
i couldn't even concentrate on their silly game/performance
i was felling really dizzy and nausea
then i saw my mother and another women walking to the bed and climb on it
they were pregnant(wtf?!)
a nurse gesture me to do the same on the 3rd bed
i was confused and tried to hide from her eyes
i looked down to my feet and i saw
i had a big tummy so yes I'm pregnant
when i was thinking if i should walk to the bed
the tall man slipped and fell on one of the bed and his head straight on the women's belly
it hit the belly open!
'its angry..'
'he's gonna crawl out of his mother'
my mother speaks behind me on the floor
with her stomach broken and the baby dead inside
i saw the baby crawling out out of the women's body and reaching for the tall man
other than black and white
the room were painted red
its was definitely BLOODY HELL..
the tall man looked at me
smiling as if i were next
'run! protect her!'
my mother ordered before she passed out
all i know is i turn to the stairs and started climbing

then im saved by my alarm

urgh sorry bout the bad english
couldn't make the dream more realistic for you guys
use your imagination~
and my handphone vibrated and woke me up in the middle of some part
i forgot cuz when i fell back asleep the dream continued(wow~)

there are some parts that im sure ive read too much Breaking Dawn..==
the crawling out part LOL
i told my roomies i had a dream bout being pregnant and she said i should be careful
haha...wonder why...

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