Wednesday, August 10, 2011

shut up

i wanna leave this goddamn place OMG
she's so annoying
i hate arguing
i hate getting boss around
i hate being grounded

every single day
i have to listen to her nagging and complaining

youre the one who wanted a restaurant in the first place
then you should stop saying its tiring and you have to do everything
it's you who wanted a shop
then you should just shut up and do whatever you should do
not nag us everyday about money
discounts are necessary
that attracts customer
and customer brings money

all you ever do is just sit around and let the other worker do
all i ever hear is you complaining about not earning money

you complain about cost of hiring workers in front
we need a bartender
some waiters
and that cost money

what do you expect?
us not hiring and me and dad stop our job and school just for you?
i leave at 5th Sept
dad leaves at 9th Sept
then whats gonna happen to the front?
nobody will be serving
nobody will be making drinks
nobody will be settling bills
nobody will be doing anything

and we'll see who's going to do all this
since youre the one who said we dont need more workers
ive never heard of a restaurant with only two in the kitchen and two in the front

ive been making all the drinks in the restaurant
do you know how many drinks that is?
i have to serve food and take bills in between making drinks
when i finish my work i still have to go help out in the kitchen

and what's worse?
i dont even get paid doing all these
i work 10 hours a day
6 days a week
work for two months i can get 2400
and i can buy a motorbike already!
and have you ever thought
what if i use the same time
and i work in taiwan
RM10 per hour
i get 4800

have you ever thought of that? HUH?
all you do is bitch
every single day
cant you just be a little more grateful?

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