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10/26/07 MBC Section TV Interview

Okay Okayy...i noe im late...= ="
but here it is~~

Translations by shinhwa_sarang

in the beginning when camera man was talking to Top he asked what do you think is your best feature? and Top said “…” And the camera man said “There isn’t much, is there?” Top responded and said “Yea” *laughs* lol xD too modest~

that model is freaking lucky!! lol. and Top sneaking to peek at GD with the model xD haha so cute.
they camera asked GD what he thinks his best feature is and GD said “I think my best feature is being able to keep love from the beginning to the end.
Captions: Then he MUST HAVE HAD a girlfriend before in his life.
Cameraman to GD: So you had a girlfriend before, right?
GD: Yea~
Cameraman/Caption: That doesn’t mean you’ll go all they way with that girlfriend right? (meaning are you guys still together lol nothing weird)
GD *surprised* : No… Well… Is that they way it is? *laughs*
omggoshie DaeSung looks soo cute in the Christmas photoshoot~ <333 Ah adoreable!!

LOL and when the host came out, Mira she said Hello Oppas~ And Big Bang said Hello! And GD said Hello NOONA!!!! (lol)
Host: (trying to cover up) Oh you guys are dongsengs? I thought you guys were my oppas!!
GD: Oh we knew you were our noona… (lol man xD)

omo~~ why are they so hot <3 lol. when they said “We are Big.. Bang~” lol so cute!! they all posed xDD
GD said how he used to clean with Se7en when he was just starting.

Question: What are each Big Bang members’ best features?
Top: Seungri’s cuteness when he says “Ah-Yang”
Mira: I heard that when they were picking the Big Bang members they didn’t look at their faces~
GD: (to DaeSung) What do you think?
DS: *confident* Because of that rumor I tried out.
GD: (I’m sorry~ ^^)
GD talks about the concert that’s going to held soon and how Big Bang is working hard to show a better matured Big Bang to everybody.
Mira says how good Lie is and she starts singing the wrong lyrics and Big Bang is like >.< LOL

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