Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Bang TOP, stirring the hearts of women with his disco hairstyle

T.O.P's HAWT no matter what he wears or what kinda nerdy hairstyle he has~ ^^

Big Bang's performance
2008 Global Warming Tour Concert

Translated by melodygreenleaf.
Text from Y.S.Bel.

Big Bang’s TOP captured fans’ gazes when he first showed his disco-style hair.

Big Bang held the “2008 Global Warning Tour” Concert in Seoul Jamshil Gymnasium on the 22nd at 4 PM. On this day, TOP went on stage with his new hairstyle. It was a wild but cute disco style difficult for anyone other than TOP to pull off with lots of gel neatly dividing the hair both ways and having the hair pass over the part.

This transformation was so that he can have activities together with Um Jung Hwa for her minialbum, which will be released on July 1st.

TOP said, “I ended up having activities with Um Jung Hwa-nuna for her song ‘Disco’. That song’s concept is this hair. So like a student who is being graded by the teacher, I am showing my hair first to the fans to be evaluated by them first.”

He continued, “I filmed a music video a little ago. As expected, Um Jung Hwa-nuna, even though she’s known as the Korean Madonna, showed great gestures and expressions second to none. I learned a lot of new things by watching nuna. I will work harder to show an even better image in the future.”

Not only is TOP having a rap featuring in Um Jung Hwa’s minialbum, he is also participating in the composing.

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