Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Bang - 하루하루 (Day by Day)

Big Bang is back in 2008 with Haru Haru (Day by Day) from their 3rd mini album Stand Up. Cliched MV plot with Park Min Young and G-Dragon a couple. But she has terminal illness and decides to leave him with the biggest lie of her life. translated by jeska, edited by gdluvzmc

We only sub the part of the boys talking since the lady in the background talk too much and only point out the obvious. haha. I love Bong and YB's imiation of Pokemon hehe "BLAST OFF" SeungRi's scene is just too cute, he couldn't sleep so his dark circles got worse, don't worry Baby, that won't stop us from loving you. YB try to blame the beat, haha, because of the beat that he can't drive, even the muscle man got tire of stopping Bong and TOPie fight hehe.

straight from youtube.

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