Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my 1st day of 2010 and so on..

36 sleepless hours

what scares me is that i did it without a laptop in front of me

woke up on Dec 31 2009 11:05am

lunch blah blah stuffs then get ourselves lost around 101

heard some lame singing on stage

watching 101 go BOOM was nice

it was too ugly to mention

pictures were too blurr

didnt bother to even upload it here

blogger blurrs it more

want to see it?

go Google.

3 hour in ktv is even more expensive than my ticket back to Kaoshiung

my poor wallet *sob*sob*

Dansui Starbucks is nice to sleep n read Reader's Digest

then spend 100NT ticket for a boat that splashes sea water on your face

back n swallow ramen for dinner like in high school

send her away to Tainan for like 145NT?

search for Twilight english version

why the f*ck is with all the chinese versions?


shopping in Taipei City Mall never felt so long

legs getting cramped

why is it that ppl beside me walks so fast??

back to her hostel

im unconscious

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