Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teenage Sex

I sit on her bed
He sits on my bed
I don't know what to say
He looks so nervous
She looks hot
I hope he knows what hes doing
Tonight I get laid
Tonight I make love to him
I look in her eyes
I look in his eyes
I lean in for a kiss
I close my eyes
She presses her lips on mine
He's kissing me
What do I do next?
I put my hand on his face
Should I touch her chest?
I want him to touch me
I put my hand on her chest
Wow thats good
Our kiss gets more hot
I feel a connection
Should i get on top of her?
I want it to be special
I'm glad I brought a condom
I break the kiss and lay back on the bed
She wants me
"Do you have a condom?"
Oh yeah "yes I do"
"Lets do it"
I crawl on top of her
I take off my shirt
Holy shit she took off her shirt
"Take yours off"
Wow this is really happening
I take off my skirt
Oh my god shes half naked
Damn I hope this doesn't hurt
I take off my pants and boxers
There goes my bra and thong
Holy shit I'm hard
Holy shit he's hard
"Are you sure?"
"Hell yes" I'm naked aren't I?
I put the condom on
This is going way too fast
I nod
I crawl on top of her
I spread my legs
I kiss her
Wow this is it
I enter her
Fuck that hurts
"You ok?"
"mmhmm" obviously not!
Damn this is alot better then doing it myself
Um ow jackass
She looks like shes in pain
He looks nervous again
"Wanna continue"
"Yes" Oh god get this over with

by JaneSays

genius writer.
devaint her~

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