Thursday, December 23, 2010

Find out how girly you are!

Put x's beside each thing that's true. Each x that you put is one percent. Have fun!
[x] my fingernails/toenails are almost always painted
[ ]during the summer the only shoes I wear are flip flops
[ ] my favorite toys as a child were Barbie's
[ ] my favorite color is pink or purple (and teal)
[ ] I do or did gymnastics
[ ] I love skirts and dresses
[ ] Hollister is one of my favorite places to shop
[x] tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear
[x] I love chocolate
[ ] I've never had a real job
[x]my hair is almost always straightened
[x] I have a myspace (or facebook)
[x] I love to hang out at the mall with friends
[ ] I have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace or earrings
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan
[x]I have at least 10 pairs of shoes
[ ] I watch either the OC or Laguna Beach (the hills and the city)
[x] I change my icon weekly
[x] I wear a shower cap
[ ]I don't shop at Hot Topic
[x] my cell phone might as well become a part of me
[ ] I wear mascara everyday
[x] I've been or am on a diet
[ ] bathing suits are adorable
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat.
[x] big sunglasses are hot :P
[x] I have gotten my nails done before
[ ] I own over 10 purses
[ ] MTV is one of my favorite channels

[x] I love romance novels
[ ] I love to have people do my hair
[x] I give and receive hugs from all my friends
[x] I hate bugs
[ ] carnivals are so fun!
[ ] Summer is THE BEST
[ ]my swimsuit has 2 pieces
[ ]I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor.

[x]I am self-conscious
[x] I cry often
[ ] my car smells like vanilla or cherry
[x]my dishes get washed more than once a week
[ ] I don't do sports
[ ] I hate to run
[x] I scream when I am surprised or angry
[x] I eat dried fruit as a snack

[x] I dance a lot
[ ] I spend an hour or over to get ready to leave my house
[x] I only have like 5 billion hair products
[x] I love to get dressed up
[x] every part of my outfit needs to match
[x] I talk on the phone at least once a day
[ ] I apply lip stuff 50 times a day
[x] I wish I looked like a supermodel
[ ]I wish I could meet Paris Hilton
[ ] I have been something that was semi
[ ] I own Uggs
[x] Hip Hop is good music
[ ] I like to be the center of attention
[ ] guys with mohawks are weird
[ ] horses are beautiful
[x]Cats are adorable-

[ ] white is better than black.
[ ] I would not be caught dead in all black
[x] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes
[ ] I hate the grunge look

[ ] I love to talk
[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters/notebooks as a kid
[ ] I love Celine Dion
[ ] My bubble baths are 30 min to an hour only when i take them
[ ] I have or still do plan ahead for my wedding....
[ ] My friends and I are in a strict group.
[ ] I like little kids
[ ] Diet drinks are the best
[ ] I'm vegetarian
[ ] never watched super size me
[ ] I refuse to eat at McDonalds

[x] I check my my e-mail everyday almost
[ ] I love life
[x] I have a lot of jewelry (but almost never wear any.)
[ ] my screen name(s) have #'s in them
[ ]I have a friend named Ashley
[ ] it rocks being a girl
[ ] Its not what they said its how they said it
[ ] my pillows are soft and fluffy

im 32%...
not much
SO YAY!!!!!
though its just 84/100 not accurate at all

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