Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse Review

i've typed this somewhere else...
well okay, Plurk.
so might as well copy-paste the whole thing here.

it was 8:50 when i finish the movie in pps
i mean 8:50 in the MORNING.

1st Plurk: Eclipse is SOOOO long...its like 6:20 and im only half way through it..

2nd Plurk: gawd it just ended, that was the worse quality i could ever imagine. like blackout and out focus and bats flying cross the camcorder. bah

3rd Plurk: but anyways, story was..nice(? well i knew the story anyway.. just wanted to drool on hawt vamps XD love Jasper's accent, and his fight training scene with Alice, kiss at the end (WOOT) but that voice! i mean, Bella's voice is getting on my nerves!! Kristen is the same in every one of her movies!! one-toned voice. especially the "jacob, dont go, stay, kiss me" OWH CMON!! ITS ALL IN THE SAME TONE!! for fuck sake dont you have some emotions Kristen?? gwad..apart from that, Rosalie looks ALOT more hotter than before, thank god! at least she looks young

4th Plurk: this replying to myself thing is so AWKWARD...but anyways, back to reviewing.

5th Plurk: EDWARD!!!!!! *drools too much and drys on floor bleeding cuz of fluid loss* LMAO HE IS LIKE WAYY HOTTER THAN ANY OTHER TWI-SAGA!!!!!!!!!!!! well mayb its cuz of the weight loss? idk..but it was definately worth it..(by worth it i mean the drools since i didnt spend a penny on this movie) and i think i got that ring for my mother once...except less diamond.duh. *yawns* thats all i hv in my brain for now, going to bed..
after some research...on breaking dawn (XDDD

well thats about it.


Lester said...

hey u ~!!
Edward is mine okay ???

[Jakester] said...

shit u!! he's mine~
give u Robert Pattinson..XDD

Lester said...

i want the guy inside the story 1 ~~~~~~
Giv u back ur Robert Pattinson ~~~

[Jakester] said...

haha..nobody likes Robert...XD
he's go geli....==

Lester said...

yea~~ same as u XDD