Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th

It was the day
the day we admitted our love for each other

kept on telling myself not to rush
but i wasn't rushing
it was just simply because we were both already in love
i guess
at least i am
i am in love
at last
after 3 years of total bash of self confidence and pride
i thought i was not worthy of love anymore
nobody wanted me
although i just told myself that im not beautiful enough
telling myself that the standards here are too high
that guys only wanted tall girls
they only wanted skinny girls
girls with fair skin
girls with pretty eyes
girls with clear skin
girls with silky hair
girls with sweet voice
girls that were GIRLY

i just kept on lying to myself no matter how much i think im beautiful on the inside
i know im beautiful
i love my height
 even if im short, i can wear higher heels and not look like a giraffe
i love my curvy body
 even if some clothes don't fit me
i love my tanned skin
 even if they are different than the others
i love my bright eyes
 even if they are small
i love my skin
 even if they are kinda rough, but i don't get big pimples
i love my long thick hair
 even if they are not silky smooth
i love my deep sexy voice
 even if they sound like a boy sometimes
i love my cool attitude
 of which most girls don't have

i love myself
and i am not afraid to say that
who cares about the beauty standards here
ive been keeping myself in a box just because of these stupid rules!
i am beautiful
i know i am
and now
he knows too

today is our first day
even though it had only been a week
but we know we liked each other since the first day we've met on the bus to Kenting
he fell in love with the way i smooth my hair to one side
and i fall in love with him just because he's so cool and sweet to me

Dear God
ive been waiting  patiently for my other half to arrive
and now he's here
let us be together as long as we could
please help us get through any trouble me might face
i really like him
i really do
Thank you.

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