Friday, May 16, 2014

Isolation : Day 1

He woke me up while getting his keys
at 8:35AM
I wish he wouldn't leave but I know he doesn't want to either
He kissed me on the forehead and the door closes
I thought I couldn't cry anymore since I've already cried for 2 straight days
I thought wrong

As always
I turn off the pain by unplugging my graphic card
It worked for awhile
Listening to Wish You Were Here triggered my emotions
But I just kept going on
I ate dumplings instead of the usual ramen
Went out to purchase company's order with TangLiang
Then he drove me home
Wishing the work was more so it can make me busier 
So I wouldn't have free time to think

Silence in the room makes it harder
So I'm glad I have Ray, Anna and Derrick to talk to me
Wellcast videos help too

Oh the horror
To go down or not to go down
I should, but I really don't want to
The salty, oily food that gives you kidney disease 
The horrible horrible people fake smiling
And the pure pressure of eating in front of my boss
I'm having indigestion just thinking about it
Oh what the heck
My plan for tonight is to eat a little and then work out
So I might as well endure the physical pain twice

Boss bought a Mopidick-s for hubby
"Hunny I told you your dad loves you! Silly boy"
Socializing with a bunch of retards isn't hard
Pretending that I didn't care that one of them is talking shit about me right to my face is way easy
C'mon guys
I have won a Best Actress for The Yeh Household Award
I'm invincible

8:30pm and I couldn't handle it..
I fell asleep
and at 9pm a jerk woke me up
why does my work bother me 24 hours a day?

Failed task today : Working Out.
I'm just too tired to do it
Or maybe it's just the food coma
Shouldn't have eating rice
I'm too full to move

9:30pm and I'm starting to get a little worried
He promised me to text right after he lands but till now not a word or a reply
I've sent via Line, via WeChat and even direct text message
He should be able to get it
What's happening?
Trying so hard to turn off my Graphic Card again SHEESH

I promised myself to go to bed at 11pm 
But it's already 12am and he still hasn't call me
Really hoping it's just because he's busy
Although I never get how anyone couldn't spare 5 minutes to text or call
Is it so hard?

I ate up my feelings
I mean Oreos and Pockys
Finish my day with happiness from Simon and Martina
Hoping to get a sweet dream
And wake up feeling blessed tomorrow
Fingers crossed.

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